Cineworld is looking for a makeover. The chain would like a revamp of its identity which focusses especially on tech-savvy younger audiences who would be interested in the chain’s premium screening technology, to set itself apart as the undisputed leader of modern cinema.

Realm is to be positioned as a supernatural portal to other dimensions. The cinemas, through their incredible facilities, make films feel so realistic it’s like you are inside one!
(Student Project)

A great cinema experience has the potential to bring films to life. Realm explores this idea of the magic of cinema by treating the experience as a portal to other worlds. 
A trustworthy deep purple is used as the brand's main identity and shows off its premium nature. This is complemented with vibrant, almost neon colours which provide contrast to the main deep purple. The bright against the dark refers to the idea of a spotlight, such as can be found in a magic show...or a cinema? These colours also show the versatile and exciting character of Realm.
 A random geometric pattern can both resemble abstract portals to other worlds as well as referencing the theme of technology. Essentially these shapes are free to be whatever you see them as - a play button, a moon, pixels, pyramids on another planet... at Realm the opportunities for discovery are boundless!
By turning the same geometric pattern into outlines, it continues to reference other worlds as well as reinforcing the cinema's theme of premium technology by giving it an edgy, futuristic appearance.

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