A pair or working artists have recently inherited New Slains Castle by Cruden Bay in Scottland, and intend to transform it into a boutique hotel for other creatives. The hotel should be a versatile space in which passionate artists feel simultaneously inspired and recuperated for their next big projects whilst retaining elements of its historic background.

Solasta is Scottish Gaelic meaning ‘bright, illuminating’, referring to the creative sparks of the artists. This introduces the focus on energy, specifically motivation and the positive mental effects of different brain waves. These waves underpin the graphic style combined with geometric elements to capture the castle’s architecture. The contrast shows a versatile, luxurious space to inspire the affluent, resident artists.
(Student Project)

Brand values: versatile, inspiring, revitalising
'where creativity can flow'
 A minimalistic and chic identity was developed, similar to that of a contemporary art gallery, to appeal to the creative target audience.
Seeing as the hotel is situated by Cruden bay, the blue colour palette refers to the waves on the beach as well as the underlying theme of brain waves and their influence on productivity. This use of blue also gives the identity a relaxing and premium appearance.
The Logo was inspired by the Octagonal Chamber for which New Slains Castle is renowned, famously quoted in Bram Stoker's Dracula. The waves here both represent the artists safe within the castle walls and the brain waves theme. ​​​​​​​This also expresses the hotel's themes of contrasts, being both a modern refuge for practising artists and a historical landmark. This is expressed through juxtaposition of the waves and blocky lines.
The wave pattern in the designs changes to reflect the brainwave pattern associated with each specific activity. Eg. the "do not disturb (recharging)" hanger features a low frequency delta wave, whereas the "room cleaning in progress (masterpiece in progress)"  hanger features a high frequency beta wave. This keeps the energy theme flowing subconsciously through the hotel. The tone of voice reflects the emphasis on energy and creative motivation too.

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