A new soap company believes that washing oneself should not have to be simply a mundane task, but a positive mental experience! The brand would like to appeal to the adventurous, ethically and environmentally conscious audiences looking for a bit of fun to spice up their day.

Wander is all about offering a whimsical surreal adventure to the user. The sketchy doodles make it feel like a fanciful dreamscape. Paired with vibrant fresh photographs and a background story, the journeys come to life. You are the wanderer: where will the soap take you?
(Student Project)

They say the best thoughts a person has are when standing under a shower, so it can't hurt to complement this with a fresh rejuvenating soap! Enter Wander - the brand caring for you and the environment. Through the fresh ethically sourced ingredients used to create Wander soaps, the user is whisked away on a natural holiday for the mind to cleanse away any stress and let their thoughts wander. Each flavour is a unique surreal destination for you as the wanderer to uncover, all based off exploring our connection to nature and its beauty. 

Initial pencil sketch which inspired the main illustration.

Aside from the photographs of the ingredients, the colour palette is mainly monochrome black and white. The aim is to make it feel as if these landscapes are all figments of the user’s imagination, as they let their mind ‘wander’ to different destinations. The illustrations have therefore been created using a pencil brush on Procreate, to add to the surreal/intangible feel, then later collaged with photographs of vibrant fruits in Photoshop.The daringly minimalistic colour choice, to only feature colour on the photographs of the fruit, works to enhance the focus on the ingredients. This accentuates their natural goodness and hence the brand's USP. 
In contrast to the packaging design, the wrappers are intentionally vibrant. This pop of colour adds a whimsical element of surprise for the user. This provides the product with the light-hearted fun desired by the target audience.

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